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Greg Carr, President and CEO

Prior to forming McGAT Enterprises, Greg founded Teldata Control. Under his leadership, the firm achieved an impressive expansion from a start-up with one employee to an enterprise with more than $27 million in revenues and 270 employees. 

A pioneer company in the industry, the firm quickly became one of the largest full-service telecommunications cost control solution providers in the nation. In spite of the recession, Teldata Control experienced rapid growth during the 1990s providing Business Process Outsourcing services including ASP Software and Professional Services. 

In August 2004 Greg managed the merger of Teldata Control with Broadmargin to form Control Point Solutions. With over 400 employees, the Company manages more than $7 Billion of telecom expenses both nationally and internationally.

Before founding Teldata Control, Greg worked for Sprint where he played an integral role as part of the transition team guiding Sprint during the merger with US Telecom. Under his direction, the combined organization made the strategic shift from a telemarketing to a sales organization. Greg went on to become the Partnership Marketing Manager where he established a number of Sprint’s largest partnership relationships. In this capacity, he also focused on identifying and correcting Sprint’s substantial billing issues, which resulted from the merger between US Telecom and GTE Sprint. 

For more than 18 years, Greg has conducted training and education seminars relating to voice, data, and internet usage for Fortune 500 corporations and various associations and user groups. The American International Group, Citigroup, GE, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Reuters, and the City of New York to name a few. 


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